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Specializes in creating characters, graphics, and webpage design. Provide all design jobs.

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Driving technical aspects of the project from idea to launch. Provide technical support.

About US

Maxcompose Photography had its grand opening in 2016 as a photo online gallery. We ourselves and travel scouts constantly eyeball the most popular attractions to capture the impressive existential encounter. It is an integral part of our journey through every excursion. We accompany every step of our big day, taking photos of all the gorgeous attractive good scenery. Our customers include magazines, book publishers, and some newspapers.

Developed in 2020, we require and design for graphic designers inside the Maxcompose Graphic Design assembly. We do not create for others, but for graphic designers, we create and develop graphics elements, and user-friendly, time-saving packages have for sale. The packages include the logo template, Adobe Lightroom preset, Icon, vector file, and more. They are suitable for commercial printing partners, logo design, art prints, souvenirs, and jewelry.

MaxCompose Digital Arts had been registered in Thailand as an official business in the graphic design industry. We want to broaden the repertoire of elements available to artists for their craft. As we continue to grow our database of graphic elements, our goal is not only for our designers but for all those who want to use this kind of content.

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