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Mysteries Alchemy NFT Project

We are exultant to announce our core hand-drawn design project, Mysteries Alchemy NFT Collection. The combination of civilization and the modern era of aesthetic, stunning design will leave you mesmerizing opulence. The elaborate graphic to immerse yourself from the minute you lay eyes on it.

Our artwork emphasis is placed on alchemy, mysteries, magical and celestial with the integration of the natural element. We strive to create seductive contours and invite you to soak in the fascinating grandeur design, at the same time to experience an ancient blessing. We try to not mess up your vision, always keep our artwork clean and clear.

We did not use a bot or any other auto-generation software to create the graphic, all artwork was 100% hand-drawn by our designers. Every element, every position was meticulously created by our soul, the only purpose to provide the best to the buyer or collector.



We are a digital arts company, our ordinary services include graphic design, photography services, video blog editing services, and webpage design, etc. Now we have our own NFT project, and we will focus on it, not only for our profit but also for the buyer.

We always think about how to reward our customers who support us. Thank you for the blockchain technology derivative NFT (Non-fungible Token), which is we can create our artwork in an exclusive unique way, the important is our buyer also get benefit from it.

We are new in NFT, so all our items are still at a lower value, and this year (2022) our goal is to grow up at NFT world, we hired a strong marketing team to develop the brand awareness, only for our NFT item value-added. Buyer bought our item now just like holding a share of our company, and sale it at the higher value.

Our business plan as our Roadmap above, we will not focus more, but concentrate on our main goal, brand awareness and create more NFT artwork for our buyer. And if we meet the potential artists, will help to grow up together.

Mysteries Alchemy series is our main core NFT project, all artwork was imaginative. We imagine that all our natural have a dream, like a turtle dream flying to the sky with the bird, bee pick nectar on the moon, boat sail on the cloud near the moon, fish swim to the sun, etc, all is about dream.

Humans always have a dream, why not others? Let’s tell the natural dreams, maybe the rose also dreams to grow in the cloud.

For now, I am unable to answer this question, because we are new in NFT. But just give us some time, we will prove why you should buy our NFT.

At the moment we have not whitelist and pre-sales event for the buyer, we don’t wanna make things complicated, if you like our artwork just purchase it. We don’t have AMA(ask me anything) session, because you can AMA every day you want, just drop us your message, we will reply quickly.

On this website, we are still unable to mint NFT, so all our NFT items are in OpenSea.

Mysteries Alchemy NFT:

Opensea Profile:

In order to purchase a MaxCompose NFT, you will need to conduct 2 important steps, First, you will need to purchase ETH from cryptocurrency exchanges such as Coinbase, Gemini, or Binance. Once you have completed that step, you will need to transfer your ETH into a non-custodial digital wallet like MetaMask, Coinbase Wallet, or WallectConnect compatible wallets.

Create an account in Opensea, and connect your wallet to the Opensea website, make sure your wallet was enough ETH, select item you like, and purchase it. We are using the Polygon network, so you do not need to pay the gas fee for any of our items.

Not at all, but most of our items are unique and limited. For the Mysteries Alchemy series, photography, and other art projects, all will be a unique item, meaning only 1 copy.

Later we will have some of the utility NFT, like preset, brush, action, etc, all utility items will not be unique but limited to a certain number, maybe 10 or 100 copies only for each item.

Continue creation was ingrained in our mind, target to produce particularly impressive items cater to the most discerning collectors. Your support will be our precious experiences to move forward, the splendors of the future need you be with us.

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