Comeyo is a collection of 10,000 randomly generated NFT, these lovely aliens are the essential elements in the metaverse, coming from the universe to build everything of the metaverse. It builds country, currency, sport, nature, culture, language, etc. Collect them to enter the Metaverse world.

They will be anywhere surrounding you, collect them as the ticket to get into the NFT and Metaverse world, it acts as the membership and is our foundation. All the Comeyo holders will provide a privilege membership to enter our website and entitle to join our lucky draw. Our rewards include the giveaway NFT exclusive item, Ethereum, and other variety of special rewards.

Next Project, all Comeyo holders will auto-list in the whitelist and can be mint first in pre-sale with the lower price. We still have more projects coming soon, only waiting for your support.


Every 100 Items Sold
Every 100 Items Sold

NFT Giveaway

10 Exclusive NFT Comeyo items Giveaway to 10 lucky draw winners

Every 500 Item Sold
Every 500 Item Sold

ETH Giveaway

500 USDT Giveaway to 2 lucky draw winner. Totally 1000 USDT

0% Sold
0% Sold

Phrase 1

  • Improve our Discord Server and official website.
  • Brand Awareness, giveaway, invite to join our community.
  • Promote our company and NFT item.
  • Holder gets role and access private channel.
20% Sold
20% Sold

Phrase 2

  • Apply smart contract to our website.
  • Get ready for the next NFT project.
  • Reward some of the holders with building a website for them.
  • Help some of our holders grow together.
50% Sold
50% Sold

Phrase 3

  • Upgrade our Giveaway NFT item and ETH coin.
  • Will purchase some famous NFT as a reward for our holder.
80% Sold
80% Sold

Phrase 4

  • Invest in the new and potential project.
  • Our website will accept crowdfunding requests, our team will investigate the project, all potential projects will release capital.
  • All approved projects will be our collaborative project, which will be listed on our website and our real-world NFT store (later).
100% Sold
100% Sold

Phrase 5

  • Open the real-world NFT store.
  • All NFT item purchases from our store will get printed with a framed copy, and certificate proof of ownership.
  • Able to use fiat currency to purchase NFT in our store, like USD, EUR, or other local currency.
  • All Comeyo holders will be privilege members of our store.
  • Get to purchase all our NFT projects and collaborate projects.
  • Location to be confirmed.

After Purchase Claim

The important step, after purchase please don’t forget to claim your privilege membership, we will verify your information manually and send you notification of verification. Please click the button below and fill in the information. 


Comeyo is a collection of 10,000 randomly generated NFT, these lovely aliens will bring you to the world of the Metaverse.

Buy from OpenSea,, here is our official link for our collection. PLEASE DON’T CLICK on other links instead of this.

Polygon Chain, free gas fee. Buyer no need to pay extra.

0.01 Eth (Subject to change)

We issue the giveaway event for the holder, please refer to our roadmap. Reward holders by giving a variety of special rewards. All the buyers are requested to submit a claim after purchase on our website, Comeyo will act like membership and is our foundation.

Check out link. Please note that these are our ONLY links. PLEASE DON’T CLICK on other links instead of this.

No, at the moment we are not applying the smart contract for this project. But we are planning for the next project, so all the holders of Comeyo can mint first before the actual sales with lower price.

No, our team will not DM you first. Please be vigilant and keep yourselves safe. If the link isn’t posted by us directly, please do not click on it.

We will announce the Giveaways event when a certain number of items are sold. For Comeyo project, we will not request you to do anything, only submit your claim here We will verify manually, only all the information verified correctly will run the lucky draw. The lucky winner will get the giveaways item and will announce it on our discord server and our website.

Please report any suspicious activity at #scam-alert at discord server, by getting the attention of our team members, DM us directly, or email to us [email protected]

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