9 ways to make money with photography

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9 ways to make money with photography

Anyone can take amazing photos, but it takes skill and some know-how to turn those snapshots into cash. There are many ways to make money with photography, and each photographer has their unique way of generating income.

Selling your photos on the internet. You can sell your photos to anyone who wants them. If you sell your photos through a website, then you have more control over what people will buy and how much they’ll pay for it. If you have a portfolio of high-quality photos that you can offer to freelance clients, you can earn a steady income through this method.

Let’s discover 9 ways to make money with your photography

Sell prints of your photographs

If you have a great photograph that you would like to share with the world, consider selling prints of it. There are several places where you can do this, such as online photo galleries or printing companies. If you’re feeling particularly entrepreneurial, you could even start your online print shop. Whatever route you choose, be sure to select photographs that will capture the viewer’s attention and make them want to buy a print.

fine art America, make money with your photography
Image Source: Fine Art America

Fine Art America is the world’s largest print-on-demand exporter of wall art, personalized home decor, apparel, and other products. They have been meeting the needs of artists, photographers, graphic designers, illustrators, and iconic brands since 2006.

Professionals and photographers can quickly upload their art pieces to FineArtAmerica.com, set their desired prices, and then enjoy selling their products by way of its global audience, including mobile and brick-and-mortar retailers.

Photographer services for the event

Event photography is a growing industry with many services available to help capture the perfect picture. Offer photography services start by creating a portfolio of your best work. This will give potential customers a snapshot of what you can offer, and it will show your skills. Many different companies offer photography services, so you can choose one to join as a freelance photographer too.

yellow and pink petaled flowers on table near ocean under blue sky at daytime, make money with your photography
Photo by Asad Photo Maldives on Pexels.com

Create a plan for your photo service. What should you charge? How often will you be taking photos? What kind of products or services will you offer? List the benefits of your product or service. Try to be as specific as possible when listing your products and services. Your potential customers will be able to relate to this, and it will help them decide on whether they want to deal with you. By taking pictures of people, you can create a visual representation of their personality and lifestyle.

Sell digital copies of your photos

If you have photos that you would like to share with the world, but don’t want to lug around a physical photo album, consider selling digital copies of your photos online. There are several online photo sales platforms that allow you to sell prints, digital downloads, and even customized portfolios. If you’re not sure how to start selling your photos online, there are plenty of tutorials and tips available online.


500px is a photo-sharing site with an AI-generated search engine that helps users find inspiration for photos and videos. The site has been around since 2009 and currently has over 150 million monthly visitors. You also can become a contributor to selling your digital copies

500px, make money with your photography
Image Source: 500px


Smugmug is a popular online photo sharing and marketing tool. It offers users a platform to share photos, albums, and stories to sell products or services. With over 100 million monthly active users, Smugmug is one of the most popular web-based photo-sharing tools available.

License your photos for commercial use

Commercial use of photos is becoming more and more popular. With the number of people taking photos and posting them on social media, it’s important to license your photos for commercial use if you want to make money from them.

There are a few things to consider when licensing your photos for commercial use: what rights you want to grant, how you plan to distribute the photos, and who will be responsible for paying the licensing fee.

To license your photos for commercial use, start by determining what rights you want to grant. You may want to allow the photo owner or photographer exclusive rights to the photo or permit them to sell prints and licenses worldwide. You may also choose to allow others, like businesses or websites, to use the photo but only with specific permissions, like using it only in a blog post or on Instagram.

Enter photography contests and sell your winning shots

There are many photography contests out there to enter, and if you are lucky enough to win, selling the winning shots can be lucrative. Not only do you get to show off your skills, but you can also make some extra money.

Before entering any contests, be sure to research which ones are reputable and have a high chance of awarding prizes. Once you have decided on a contest, it is important to follow the rules closely so that you don’t disqualify yourself. Also, always keep in mind copyright law when submitting your work.

Sell photo books

Photo books are a great way to immortalize your memories. Whether you’re looking for a gift for someone special or want to create a keepsake for yourself, photo books are a great option. You can find many different styles and sizes to fit any need. Plus, with the increasing popularity of digital photography, there’s never been a better time to start selling photo books.

Photobook Worldwide,
Image Source: Photobook Worldwide

Photobook Worldwide is a photo book printing website, it offers free express shipping and custom personalization options, so you can take advantage of all the features offered by the site. Photo books are a great gift idea.

Sell stock photos

Selling stock photos is a great way to make money online. With so many people using photo-sharing websites, there is always a demand for high-quality stock images. If you have a good eye for photography and can produce quality images, selling your work online can be profitable.

There are a few things you need to do to get started: find your niche, produce quality images, and market yourself well. Once you have these basics down, selling stock photos will be easy.

Here are a few stock photography websites for your reference:


Shutterstock is a popular online marketplace for selling images. It offers both a free and paid subscription service, as well as an online marketplace where users can sell images.

Shutterstock also offers a variety of tools and features to its users, including the ability to search for and browse through millions of images, create custom portfolios, share images with collaborators, and more. They have more than 1 million contributors.

Adobe Stock

Adobe Stock is an online marketplace for selling photo books, prints, and digital products. The company was founded in 2004 and has since become one of the world’s largest providers of photo products.

Adobe Stock offers a variety of photo book and print formats as well as a wide range of digital products, including photos, illustrations, vectors, and videos. The Adobe Stock website is easy to use and features helpful tutorials for beginners.

Adobe Stock, License your photos
Image Source: Adobe Stock


Depositphotos operates as a commercial platform that brings together authors of high-quality licensed stock photos, graphics, vectors, and videos with appreciative buyers. Thanks to the efforts of gifted professionals from around the world and world-class technical solutions, they can create a perfect place for business and artistic talent to coexist.


Dreamstime is one of the largest traditional stock photography distributors in the world and is especially known for providing quality images and the lowest prices. They contain only the finest quality stock photos, and we cover a wide range of subject areas.

Getty Images / iStock

Getty Images / iStock is the foremost visual expert in the world capturing, creating, and preserving content to elevate visual communications everywhere. By identifying cultural shifts, spearheading trends, and powering the creative economy, they fuel visual storytelling worldwide.

Their services were more than 25 years, and the objective of making content accessible to both today and tomorrow, ensuring that a viewer always has access to high-quality, easy-to-find content that is backed up with thorough legal protection.

Create Photography NFT

NFTs can be revenue-generating tools. If you want to gain profit from your photography, then you’ll want to learn how to create photography NFTs. Photographs can be stored in a blockchain, which provides an easy way for people to verify the authenticity of the photo and share it with others. copies online.

Bundling your NFT and selling it does not remove your right to commercialize your work in any way you choose, including print editions. So you can still make money from your work in other ways, such as photographic prints.

OpenSea, License your photos
Image Source: OpenSea

NFTs allow artists to provide more direct contact with collectors. The NFT protocol was created by the Ethereum network and allows for the issuance, transfer, and management of assets on the blockchain. This opens up new possibilities for artist collaboration and distribution models that were not possible before.

If you are interested in What is NFT and why could it be the next big trend? just have a look at this article.

Create a photography course and sell it

Last but not least, if you’re a photography enthusiast who wants to share your skills with others, there are plenty of ways to do so. You can create a course and sell it online, or offer private lessons to people in your community. Whatever route you choose, be sure to put in the extra work and make your business thrive!


Udemy is a good choice the selling your photography course, I’ve been using it for many years to purchase courses and learn them. The courses are cheap and if you have a good course, you can sell to thousands of students from it. It is a website and app that offers online courses on a variety of topics. The site has over 1 million courses and growing

Udemy, make money with your photography
Image Source: Udemy


Another choice is Skillshare, which almost seems like Udemy, shares expertise and earns money. They offer a lot of courses and will make you money if you share your knowledge. It has over 2 million users who have shared more than 100 million skills. You can be found in a variety of categories

Conclusion: Make Money with Photography

Photography is a great way to make money. There are many ways to make money with photography, and the sky is the limit. Some of the ways to make money with photography are selling prints, renting photo booths, doing portrait work, doing wedding photography, and doing commercial work.

There are also many online platforms where you can sell your photos. If you have a good eye for composition and a love for taking pictures, there is no limit to how much money you can make with photography.

It can be a very lucrative hobby or career if you know how to market yourself and your work. By following the tips provided in this article, you can start making money with your photography today. So what are you waiting for? Get started!


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