Top 5 Best Free Online Portfolio for Graphic Designers

Portfolio for graphic designer. Graphic designer portfolio, Graphic design portfolio

Top 5 Best Free Online Portfolio for Graphic Designers

The portfolio for graphic designers is the first impression for the audience knowing you and your composition. This is a visual representation of all perfect accomplishments to impress potential clients. 

Whether you are a graphic designer, web designer, illustrator, photographer, or any kind of multimedia artist, you must have an online digital portfolio. A great portfolio can move you toward success in your career, open up new opportunities, and get more customers. 

So, don’t think it’s too complicated, the portfolio requests simplicity, ease of finding your work, and be sure to put your best work only in your portfolio. Leave white space in the background, a simple and unique navigator. Add some description to your work, so that the audience can understand what you want to express. A place only to show the best of the best of your job.

MaxCompose Portfolio
Portfolio for Graphic Designer (Image Source : MaxCompose Portfolio)

So how do create a portfolio for graphic designers? Where to create a portfolio? 

Don’t worry, there are many free online portfolio websites to create it. Let’s introduce 5 free websites that will help you create a stunning portfolio.


Behance is the most popular free online portfolio for graphic designers, a vast audience community, and a very active social network. You also can discover the best artwork from another designer to get inspiration. It includes a great feature, you can post a job here to hire a creative worker for your company. 

Portfolio for graphic designer. Graphic designer portfolio, Graphic design portfolio
(Image source : Behance Livesteam)

Furthermore, the Behance add-on has a powerful Livestreams function, you can stream the tutorial or design process directly from an iPad, currently supporting Photoshop on an iPad, brand-new Illustrator on an iPad, and Adobe Fresco globally.

You can search for similar content in the new search function even if you are unable to name it. Just select the artistic artwork and click the “More Like This” button on the picture and it will give you the result that matches the artistic style.

Portfolio for graphic designer. Graphic designer portfolio, Graphic design portfolio
(Image source: Behance)

Above all powerful features and an easy set-up function, Behance is a must-have online portfolio for a graphic designer to show the best artwork.


Another popular free online portfolio for graphic designers, Dribbble, is almost the same as Behance. Founded in 2009, over 10 million people are looking for design inspiration. Their mission is to build the world’s best community for creatives to share, grow, and get hired. It’s also one of the 5,000 fastest-growing private companies in America.

Portfolio for graphic designer. Graphic designer portfolio, Graphic design portfolio
(Image source: Dribbble)

Also, you can sell your design here, advertise your job to get more audiences and get many free resources from other designers. Get inspiration from top designers, read the blog to get more information and you can also join the podcasting to retrieve ideas for your project.

Portfolio for graphic designer. Graphic designer portfolio, Graphic design portfolio
Dribbble Good for Sales (Image Source: Dribbble)

Dribbble is not only a portfolio website, but you can also receive such useful information, and it’s absolutely free. If you want more features on your account, subscribe to the pro plan based on your needs. So what are you waiting for? Join a large community and showcase your work to the world.


Coroflot is a creative job-based online portfolio, whether you are a designer or a company owner, this is the right place for you. There are over 150,000 new projects being published here every month from around the world. That is a wide range of design industries include fashion, 3D modeling, architecture, illustration, graphic design, UI/UX, and many more.

Portfolio for graphic designer. Graphic designer portfolio, Graphic design portfolio
(Image source :Coroflot)

Since 1997, Coroflot has created a better professional portfolio for graphic designers and companies. Companies range from local to multinational industry leaders and open up new opportunities for creative makers. The website was created by designers, for designers and is still run by designers until now, so that they know more about the designer.

One of my favorite features is the design salaries guide. In-depth analytics to discover designer salaries from every job title in a different location. The report includes “Working Environment vs Education”, “Company Size vs Medical Benefits” and “Gender Split by Specialty”, “Average Freelance Rate”, etc. It covers almost all range of creator jobs. Before you create a project or get hired by a company, this is a very nice guideline for your salaries or employee expenses. 

So, if you want to create a graphic designer portfolio for a job, you should join this community to boost up your career. 

Adobe Portfolio

If you subscribe to the Adobe Creative Cloud product, you can get it free including hosting and an unlimited page. Adobe portfolio is not a social network-style portfolio but is a website. Here you can create a website-based portfolio to display all your creations, even if you don’t know the code.

Portfolio for graphic designer. Graphic designer portfolio, Graphic design portfolio
(Image Source : Adobe Portfolio)

Adobe portfolio comes with the password protection feature. If you worry about your design being copied, you can set a password for a selected page or the entire website. So that some of the designs can only be viewed by certain people. This is good for the copyright project, protecting the privacy of intelligence assets.

Behance integration is another great function, one-click to copy all you project from Behance to your Adobe portfolio website. This will save a lot of time to upload everything again. Also, you can upload images here by using Adobe Lightroom, edit and import to a certain page immediately.

This is a website so that you can add your domain name here or just use the subdomain of Adobe portfolio. It provides a complete guide on how to install your domain there. There are some themes to select to organize your artwork, each theme natively responsive to fit any device. All pages are fully customized, and you can create up to 5 websites separately.

Portfolio for graphic designer. Graphic designer portfolio, Graphic design portfolio
(Image source : Adobe Portfolio)

If you are a subscriber to Adobe Creative Cloud, don’t forget to use Adobe Portfolio, which is a very good choice.

WordPress is the world’s most popular website builder. There are 2 types of WordPress, that are and is the free open-source software to create a beautiful website, it contains a ton of free plug-in and themes, just install and use. That is a complete solution for web page design, update all the while for free. Over 60 million people have chosen to use it, even multinational companies. But you need to subscribe to a hosting to install this software, and you need to purchase a domain for your website.
(Image source :

If you don’t pay for the hosting and domain, is your only choice. You can use a free plan with 3GB spaces, which is more than enough for your artwork display. Even the free plan, also includes a free subdomain from with pre-Installed SSL. You can access a wide range of professional themes or templates portfolio for graphic designers, fully customized, and responsive to multi-devices.
(Image source : is a user-friendly platform, provides a hassle-free update, reliable hosting, and spam protection. So you can use it worry-free to create a stunning online Graphic Designer portfolio.


So, for all the free stuff, they must come with certain limitations of use. Just consider what purpose of your artwork display. To connect the social network, you should choose Behance and Dribbble, if you are concerned about getting a project or a job, you should use Coroflot. For private and copyright protection, you should use the Adobe portfolio. If you want to get more choices on themes and many customize options, you should use the platform.

I am using the open-source software to build my website and blog, as you are reading now. It has more options and a ton of plug-in features for free. So that I purchase a domain and subscribe to a hosting service. This method can maximize adjust all the elements you need, or design to match your own style.

Hope this article can help to build an online graphic designer’s portfolio. If you like it, please don’t forget to share it, have a nice day.

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