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So, your design project still doesn’t cut it. Do you know why you don’t have to fret about it? Now you’ve come to MaxCompose, the ultimate source of flattering graphics vector element. Here you can dive into tons of bundles that will bring your artwork to perfection.

Whether you’re looking for nifty icons for web design or fancy illustrations for printing, MaxCompose is where you get all of them. Our unique bundles comprise hundreds to thousands of luxury design elements that are ready to be used for any project. Let them complement yours! The Vector Graphics Bundle is a set of premium graphics vector elements that will give an awesome look to your next web design or print project.

Vector element that makes a BIG difference

There’s one vector element that can make a big difference in your designs, and that’s the anchor point. The anchor point is the point in a layer where all transformation originates. You can think of it as the center of a circle; everything rotates or scales from that central point. By default, the anchor point is usually placed dead center in a layer. But you can move it to any place you want inside the layer, and that can have a profound effect on your design.

For example, let’s say you want to create a simple animation where a shape grows larger. With the anchor point in the center of the shape, scaling up the size of the shape will look natural. But if you move the anchor point to one side of the shape, suddenly the shape will appear to grow from that side while the rest of it stays in place.

Eye-catching vector elements or designs that are easy to customize? Fortunately, you can benefit from both at MaxCompose. We are a team of designers ourselves, and we realize what makes perfect elements that you hardly need to tweak to apply.

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