Vector Icon

A graphic symbol to represent a company, an app, an object, or a function. Vector icon makes the complex definition to easily understand and remember. It always uses as UX/UI for computer, phone, or website design. Nowadays, that is the important element of the design to bring messages to the user. We provide a high-quality icon graphic for your project to optimize customer vision.

Eye-catching vector designs or elements that are easy to customize? Fortunately, you can benefit from both at MaxCompose. We are a team of designers ourselves, and we realize what makes perfect elements that you hardly need to tweak to apply.

Save you the trouble

Now you can drag and drop whatever icon you need while focusing on other aspects of your artwork. Making all those lines and curves into beautiful graphics can be backbreaking. Spend your time more effectively with MaxCompose elements.

Provide you with more customization options

It’s a snap to do that and doesn’t require any consummate skills. You can use our vector elements without making any changes to them. Or adjust their sizes and colors to match your project.

Ensure compatibility with your favorite software

Whether you use Adobe Illustrator or other graphic design tools, they will be compatible with them. Our fabulous elements come in PNG, EPS, PSD, and AI file formats.

Maximize attention to detail

At MaxCompose, we help you make your end artwork outstanding. And it starts with our commitment to quality for every part of the graphics – from flawless lines to smooth points, curves, and colors.

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