The photo has always been a popular medium for capturing memories and moments. However, we have taken the time to amass an impressive collection of stunning images. Our collection is divided into several categories: Landscape, Portraiture, Nature, and Architecture. It is our goal to share with you some of the most stunning moments captured by our staff photographers. To see more images from each category please click on the collection below.

Also, the photo is the art, science, and practice of creating durable images by recording light or other electromagnetic radiation, either electronically by means of an image sensor, or chemically by means of a light-sensitive material such as photographic film.

So, it can be defined as the art of capturing light and images on a film or digital sensor. It is a form of communication that can be used to document, preserve, and share memories.

History of photography

The history of photography is long and complex, dating back to the early 1800s. In its simplest form, the photo is the process of using a camera to capture light and create an image. But there is so much more to it than that!

Early experiments in it were made in the late 18th century by Nicéphore Niépce, a French inventor and artist. He used a portable camera obscure to expose a pewter plate coated with bitumen to light. The resultant image was then etched into the plate with acid.

The art of photography

There are many different of genres, from portraits and landscapes to abstract and experimental. And within each genre, there are endless possibilities for creativity and self-expression.

Whether you’re a professional photographer or a hobbyist, the art of photography is all about finding your own unique vision and sharing it with the world.

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