SEO Strategy: Content for Linkreator Ultimate Guide

SEO Strategy

SEO Strategy: Content for Linkreator Ultimate Guide

Are you struggling to keep up with the ever-changing SEO? Are you unsure of what to do to improve your website’s ranking? This comprehensive guide will walk you through every step of a successful SEO strategy.

When it comes to search engine optimization (SEO), many business owners think that the only way to achieve a high ranking is by filling their website with keywords and boosting their backlinks. While this is one aspect of SEO, it’s not the only focus that you should have when optimizing your website.

Your site’s content is still one of the most important factors for ranking high in the search engines. In order to rank well, you need to have high-quality, keyword-rich content on your website. This means that you need to write compelling copy that will interest your site visitors and encourage them to stick around.

You also need to make sure that your site is updated regularly with new content.

SEO Strategy
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In the ever-changing world of SEO, there are a few constants that remain true. One of these is the importance of backlinks for ranking in search engine results pages (SERPs). Despite Google’s many algorithm changes over the years, links continue to be one of the top three ranking factors.

This is because links are a strong signal to Google of a page’s quality and relevance. When another website links to your page, it is effectively vouching for its content and telling Google that it is worth ranking higher in its search results.

Backlink SEO Strategy
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The more high-quality backlinks you have, the better your chances of ranking higher in SERPs. A high-quality mean backlink from a high domain authority (DA) site.

However, this doesn’t mean that you can simply go out and buy links or spam websites with links to your own site.

So, write engaging content for Linkreator who has the power to share your content to build backlinks for your website

Write for Linkreator

In order to succeed in SEO, you need more quality backlinks, so your content should build for the Linkreator. By showing them the valuable blog post, so that they add your link to their post. This is the most effective way for link-building strategy.

We always make a mistake to create content for customers. But our customers normally don’t have a blog or they do not create content, unable to share your post or link to you. So no link means no traffic.

The Linkreator is just like you and me who write blog posts on their website. They are passionate about cooking, creating, and sharing recipes with the world. What makes them unique, however, is their love of creating links between their blog. Whether it’s finding a dish that perfectly compliments another or assembling a meal that’s perfect for entertaining, the Linkreator always has something new to share.


Every website should have a blog section to provide information about your industries. Not necessary in your actual niche, it can include your shadow niche too.

For example, if your business is selling computers, you can include all information about computers, software, hardware, how to use the software, how to fix some problem, etc. Also, you can include content about phones, tablets, VR, Xbox, or other gadgets. You also can be teaching people how to start and manage a computer business, and marketing solutions for an IT business, most of the readers would like to know how you run a successful business in your niche too.

If you are producing valuable content, you will naturally see shares and links to your posts. This is because people want to share information that is interesting, helpful, or entertaining.

If you are putting in the effort to produce great content, it will be worth it for others to share with their audience. Additionally, other websites may link back to your post if they find it valuable. This can help improve your website’s SEO and bring in more traffic.

So don’t worry if your content isn’t receiving a lot of shares or links just yet – keep producing high-quality content and it will happen over time.

SEO Step 1: Research Keywords

The first step in SEO strategy is to research the keywords you want your website to rank for. You need to find keywords that are relevant to your business, have low competition, and get a good amount of monthly searches.

There are a few different ways to research keywords. The most popular method is using Google AdWords Keyword Planner. This tool allows you to see how many people are searching for a certain keyword each month, as well as other related keywords.

Another great way to find keywords is by using the Google search bar. Simply type in a keyword or phrase and see what autofill. This will give you an idea of what people are searching for on Google.

Medium Tail Keywords

When it comes to SEO strategy, keywords are key. But not all keywords are created equal. There are three types of keywords: board, long tail, and medium.

Board keywords are high-traffic, high-competition words or phrases that everyone is targeting. Long tail keywords are less popular, lower competition words or phrases that have a lot of potential for ROI.

And medium keywords are in between the board and long tail – they’re not as popular as board keywords but they have more competition than long tail keywords. So how do you know which type of keyword to target? It depends on your business and your goals.

Keyword Search, SEO Strategy
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For example, “Sport” is a broad keyword that has a 301,000 monthly search. This keyword will be very hard to get ranking since there a lot of big companies invest to target this keyword, so it is hard to get it ranked on such keyword.

However, “Sports Academy website” is the long tail keyword that only gets 1,000 monthly searches, this kind of keyword would easy to get ranked, but fewer people search for it. It’s not worth wasting time on that.

But, the “sport today” keyword does like the board keyword get 301,000 monthly searches, but still not bad 33,100. This medium tail stays in the position medium position, so we should target this kind of keyword, not easy too but will be better than the board keyword.

To find medium-tail keywords, you can use a tool like Google AdWords Keyword Planner. Just enter a keyword and the tool will give you a list of related keywords, along with their search volume and competition level.

Another way to find medium-tail keywords is by using long-tail keyword research tools like Semrush or Ubersuggest. These tools allow you to enter a keyword and then generate a list of related long-tail keywords.

Use keywords in your content

In order to make sure your website or blog is getting the most out of its content, you need to use keywords throughout your text. This doesn’t mean stuffing them in where they don’t belong, but rather finding natural ways to work them into your writing.

There are a few different ways to do this, and it will vary depending on the type of content you’re creating.

One way is to use keywords in the title of your article or blog post. This will help let Google know what the article is about and can help it rank higher in search results.

Another option is to use keywords in the first paragraph of your article. This will help your visitors get a quick idea of what the post is about and can also help improve its ranking in search results.

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If you use WordPress, just install the Yoast SEO plugin, it will give you suggestions on where should include the keyword in your content, SEO Meta tag, image alt tag, etc. You should have it.

SEO Step 2: Find the Linkrector in your niche

In order to improve your website’s ranking on search engines, it is important to find the Linkreator in your niche. Linkrector is the content creator, they write blog posts and can create links in the article.

So, before writing a post, find out what topic the Linkrector frequently posts in your niche. Just Google searching for it. For example, in the graphic design niche, you can search for some graphic designer’s blog post, and look at the popular or feature post on his blog.

Maybe they always post something like design inspiration or a tutorial to create some graphic, if this topic gets a lot of views, comments, or shares, then this will be your topic too. Create more valuable well-written content, more great ideas for design, or more awesome design tutorials, this should get the attention of Linkreator.

You can contact them by email (if you get it), via DM, or via private message on social media also can. Most of the websites have a contact form, you also can deliver a message to them here.

If they think your content should show to their audience, they will happily create a link for you in the posts.

SEO Strategy
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Always be gentle and polite

When you share your engaging content with Linkreator, just be polite. Before you send the link to them, ask permission first.

The permission was an ice-breaking message to build a relationship between you and a stranger. Should include a brief introduction, like “Hi, I am Max, from MaxCompose Digita Arts.”, let’s Linkreator who they talking to.

And your email doesn’t pushy, just a gentle request. After a few days if they no response, you can send a follow-up email, same just be polite to mention your last email, maybe they are missed and request the permission again.

But, if still do not get any response, just stop, you can get any other Linkreator in your niche, and keep a good first impression.

If they reply to your email, just send them the link and a message like “would like to get your feedback.” That’s all, don’t ask them to share your content, if they like it, they will share it.

SEO Step 3: Get More Connections and relationship

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In order to improve your website’s SEO ranking, you need to increase your connection and relationship with other websites in your niche.

Try to get Linkreator in the discussion forum, social media group, or some society association in your niche. Public media is also a great way, like online magazines, ebook publishers, and press release publishers.

Google search “your niche + forum”, and you will get the list. Become a member top of the list, provide the solution to some topic, and stay active in the forum. If you can see someone’s problems can settle by your blog posts so you can suggest reading your blog to get the solution. But don’t spam with the link, otherwise, you will ban it., is the best to solve people’s problems and build relationships.

With this approach, you can build a relationship with the member and they will suggest to people your solution to who have the same problem.

Same as the social media group. Find a group in your niche, connect with people and share your post frequently and try to provide a valuable solution or brand new idea for your industries, will be a great way to get people to know you, and share your content.

Society association, you can provide some new ideas to help your other business owner in your industries, if they think of your idea well, there will likely share it on their website, so you can get the link too.

You also can share your post with the media publisher. Make sure your content was valuable and informative to the reader, there always have a column for you. Mostly, the media publisher collected huge audience groups and readers, if there have peace with your article, it helps massively to your website.

Guest Post

Guest posts are still a great way to get your backlink. But mostly the guests post high requirements, if your content is not outstanding, normally they will not accept it. They also have a lot of medium requirement guest posts.

Here was the list of 1400 guest posts, you can write some posts for your niche.

1400+ Guest Posting Sites List 2022 Updated

Guest Post
Image By SEO Aim Point

Make sure all you guess post was an original copy, plagiarism-free content. And not link spam, you will get banned by the webmaster.

SEO Step 4: Analyze Results and Adjust Strategy

After you’ve completed your SEO strategy, it’s time to analyze your results and adjust your approach as necessary. This involves taking a look at your website’s analytics to see how your changes affected your traffic and search engine rankings.

If you notice that your traffic has decreased since you made the changes, then you’ll need to go back and tweak your strategy until you see improvement. Conversely, if you notice that your traffic has increased, then you can continue with the same strategy and make small tweaks along the way.

There are still a few factors that affect your ranking. If the manual approach I mention above is unable to increase your ranking, there should be an algorithm problem. Maybe you get a penalty from a search engine.

Please check do you have purchased links before. Do you know most of the link purchases were unnatural links? It will hurt your SEO ranking. Normally, a search engine will not accept such a link, even if you pay for it. Always build your backlink natural way, white hat method.

If you have such a backlink try to remove it with disavow link in Google. This is a tool to tell Google the list of the links were bad links, and instruct Google don’t count them.

That is why creating content is an important part of SEO strategy. Always build original content, Google has a powerful system to check plagiarism copy, don’t ever fool the searching engine, just do the right thing for it.

Long Term SEO

SEO Strategy
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SEO strategy is the long-term approach, you are unable to see it in a short period. Since I suggest you build relationships first and then only the backlink, it will take you a long time and much more energy usage.

Today you publish the most powerful article and get a ranking high tomorrow. It seems no such thing, I don’t think who can achieve significant results in the short term.

Even some SEO experts like Brian Dean, also use a few months or even a few years, keep on trying and trying, then only to get an outstanding achievement.

Slow but sure you can get it, just be patient. Continue to create valuable content, and share it with the world, success will come in one day.

If your rankings have gone up quickly, then congrats – you’re on the right track!


In conclusion, following the steps in the Ultimate Guide to SEO will help your website rank higher on search engine results pages. Implementing an SEO strategy can be time-consuming, but the benefits are well worth the effort.

Remember to focus on creating valuable content that will engage your audience and encourage them to share it with others. And always keep your website up-to-date with the latest trends and changes in SEO.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll outline the most effective SEO strategy for both small businesses and major enterprises.

If you found something valuable for you, I’d appreciate helping me share it with the world and give some feedback in the comment below. Thanks for reading!

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