What Is Graphic Design? And the Designer Jobs

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Want To Be A Graphic Designer? Do You Know What Is Graphic Design?

Wow, the design of this poster was amazing, stunning in color, so creative and so attractive. So I decided to learn graphic design to become a graphic designer, I want to produce such a piece of design to amaze the world, everybody can recognize my work, and hire me to be a designer, then I could become a famous designer artist. This similar statement always comes from my classmate, such an ambitious target. But is that possible in the real world? Do you know what is graphic design? What is a graphic designer job? What is that for? Read it before you go into this field.

Graphic design is the art and practice of planning and projecting ideas and experiences with visual and textual content.”

American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA)

Graphic design is also known as visual communication. Communication is sending messages to people so that he/she can understand what you want to say. Visual communication conveys information to the viewer effectively through typography, illustration, shape, and color.

Normally, it’s a combination of speech, written, and imagery into a message that is aesthetically pleasing. Connecting the audience with an intellectual and emotional level and providing them with pertinent information.

What is graphic design? What is a graphic designer job?
Graphic Design (Image source : MaxCompose.com)

Artists VS Designer

Art creates a beautiful piece, that sometimes could be abstract (hard to understand), emotional, decorative, realistic, and expression. The graphic design possesses some characteristics of art, but it’s not considered art. Also, it is a combination of a creative idea and concept, bringing out a clear message, and should be beautiful, simple, and easy to understand. Both art and design are creation, but the purpose of each is totally different.

Usually, fine art is self-serving, personally motivated, and expressive, created for a personal reason rather than for a specific customer. It’s recognized as an artist, not a designer. 

The graphic designer’s job involves the creation of visual communication on behalf of the client, fulfilling the needs and desires of the customer until the customer satisfies your work. Fully understand customer interpretation and complete the goal clearly. They create graphic work for customers.

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Photo by Vojtech Okenka from Pexels

What is graphic design solution to solving the problems

Every industry in the world appears to solve a problem, some as graphic design. What problem can be solved? 

So look around, did you realize that there is graphic design everywhere nearby you? Design can solve a wide range of problems, from visible to invisible, from solid printing to digital usage. We will discuss all this design and hope to help you understand it.

Company Branding

What is graphic design? What is a graphic designer job?
Logo Design (Image Source : MaxCompose.com)

Branding is about the perception of a company, product, or service. It is the connection between a company and its customers through the consistent use of graphics. Brands have the power to affect purchasing decisions, persuading customers to buy your product over another. 

Besides, designers need to collaborate with stakeholders to create assets like logos, typography, color palettes, image libraries, and stationery like name cards, letterheads, etc.  

Normally, the first impression of a company is the logo, it’s the visual identity of the company. Before creating a logo, the designer must research industries, organizations, trends, and competitors. They also need excellent communication, creative skill, and understanding of customer concepts, then only can create graphic elements suitable across all the visual media.

Marketing and Advertisement

What is graphic design? What is a graphic designer job?
Photo By Max from MaxCompose.com

A company’s success depends on the marketing effort, advertisement plays the role of promoting their product in the market. It creates an effective visual solution that allows quick communication to the viewer and converts the audience to become your customer. 

Strong visual content engages people in the composition, and the well-written headline reinforces the visual and entices them to read further. 

The graphic designer’s job includes creating marketing assets based on the audience’s needs, wants, awareness, and satisfaction about having the products or services. 

Web User Interface (UI) and User Experience(UX)

What is graphic design? What is a graphic designer job?
Social Icons (Image source : MaxCompose.com)

The Internet plays an important role in our life, we serve websites every day with a lot of devices, like phones, tablets, and computers. So, the information we receive can’t be only the wording, it will be boring and lack attraction. To be sure the audience has a better user experience, designers need to create something beautiful to entice the viewer’s eye and catch their attention to reduce the bounce rate. 

UI and UX are functions of system design, it focuses on usability and response, and is considered visual transmitter. By using it, the viewer can easily understand the system, navigation, and accomplish tasks. 

UI/UX designers work on the balance between aesthetic and technical functionality. So, they design mobile apps, desktop apps, and webpage designs. UX designers decide how the apps work, and UI developers make sure all the code is functional.

Publication Design

What is graphic design? What is a graphic designer job?
Publication Design (Image source : MaxCompose.com)

A classical type of design is normally used on solid printing media, like books, newspapers, magazines, and catalogs. Designers work with editors and publishers, that is highly using layouts and typography to combine illustration and photography to create artwork. 

Nowadays, with the rise of technology, digital publishing is the trend. Designs are more challenging to create an attractive visual asset, to be sure outstanding from the competitor. Always the first impression will be the cover, the eye-catching front cover is very important.

Publication designers must possess excellent graphic design, layout, and organization skills. Make sure the reader is not bored, paragraphs, and color management are crucial. Also, the designer must understand the printing and binding process, working only in the save zone.

Packaging Design

What is graphic design? What is a graphic designer job?
Packaging Design (Image source : MaxCompose.com)

The packaging is the identity of a product and is an essential extension of a brand. It emphasizes key information by using special materials such as foil stamps or metallic inks that catch attention. The designer’s job is to convey the brand’s messaging while positioning the product against its competitor. It also creates a shelf appeal to entice the target audience.

The package design should highlight the important features or unique benefits of a product. Product placement in a retail store should be a design-gripping graphic in order to draw the attention of the buyer. The designer should consider how the product looks on the shelf and hold it into the hand.

This field requires the designer to understand the printing process well. Design in all types of package media, for example, boxes, cans, bottles, bags, containers, labels, etc. Good communication skills, highly meet client requirements, and awareness of current trends.

Environmental Design

Environmental Design
Photo by Skitterphoto from Pexels

Different environments require unique attributes, it’s visually connecting people to the places. Alternatively, environment design always delivers the information and prettify of a location, making the space more memorable and interesting.

All designs should be broad, make sure ease of view, clear information, and easy to comprehend. Also, the designer collaborates with interior design and architecture to determine the position, color, typographic, and graphic elements.

Traditionally, environment design has produce printing media to display. But, recently digital interactive displays and LED boards are rises popularly, creating a more engaging experience for the audience. This also helps to save paper usage for environmental protection.


What is graphic design? So, we almost discuss all the above there, so understand the graphic designer job before you decide you learn it. To be sure to select the right topic, continue to develop the knowledge of it. If you can solve the industry’s problem, success will come into your life. Don’t give up too fast, you will get it slowly, but sure.


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